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Chinese Spelling List

Chinese Words Spelling List -

Chinese Spelling List

Are you currently spending a lot of time teaching your child the weekly Chinese spelling list? Do you find it difficult to guide your child the correct strokes of the Chinese characters? How do you identify the Chinese words that your child needs to further practice?

Practice Worksheet for weekly Spelling List.

The Practice Worksheet is created from the school’s Chinese Spelling List, a key learning tool that helps students learn common Chinese characters and the respective dictation.

The key features of the Practice Worksheet

  1. Stroke by stroke guide to teach your child the correct stroke order without any supervision.
  2. Allow the child to indicate the difficulty (easy, normal or hard) of the Chinese word to allow for easy revision.
  3. Practice lines to allow for correction.
  4. Various Practice Worksheet for top Primary School in Singapore for further practice.

Get the Practice Worksheet

Chinese Words Spelling List -
Do you know how many strokes is 湿?

Let us know with a “YES” and indicate the “School and level” in the facebook post comment below if you want a copy of the Practice Worksheet. We will then message you the pdf worksheet.

How long does it take to learn mandarin?

There are about 7000 characters in modern Mandarin. But to be fluent one needs to know about 1500-2000 characters. It will take just 1-2 years to learn, if you learn about 30 new characters each week. (30*52=1,560) With each spelling test, your child will learn to read/write/hear minimum 30 characters. With conscious practice in the first 2 years, they will very soon be fluent with Chinese language.

To motivate your child, remember there are many non native speaker doing their best to learn this useful language.

You can also follow our facebook page and instagram for more parents tools and resources to teach your children. Favant Magna had this to say about his child:

My 10 year old son is on his 4th international language. He speaks English, French, Spanish already. He’s learning mandarin currently. We must deliberately arm our kids and wards with the tools (knowledge) that will give them that edge in this highly competitive environment.

So keep calm and press on!

You can also follow our facebook page and instagram for more parents tools and resources to teach your children.



With a bit of practice maybe your child can be as good as the competitors in Chinese Characters Dictation Competition (中国汉字听写大会)!

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