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How to choose an math tutor

You should pay attention to the qualification of teachers when selecting tutors for maths. Most math teachers introduced on our website have university degrees in this subject. You can see the information on the institutions they have graduated from on their profiles. You should also pay attention to their work experience and brief biography. Reading reviews about teachers is also a good practice, because it allows you to understand their professional skills before starting having lessons with them.

Education and qualification of tutors for math tuition

As already mentioned above, you can find the information on the education and qualification of our mathematics tutor in their profiles. Additionally, the profiles contain brief biographical information that helps you learn more about the career and work experience of your prospective instructor.

Educational courses and levels

The subject we are talking about is very diverse, so our tutors for math offer you a great variety of educational courses like:

  • Course for kids,
  • Pre-school
  • Primary
  • O level maths
  • A level maths

Price of tutor services

Market rate for math tutors in Singapore start at $20 for an hour and varies according to different mathematical tasks and different qualification levels required to provide them.

The lessons, their frequency and duration

The schedule of your classes depends on you and your math teacher.

Get your child interested in math;

In addition to selecting a good math tutor, parents can try to cultivate their child interest in maths with the following methods:

Be a good math role model. It’s important to show your child that anyone can use math to solve problems. By showing and telling your child that you understand math, you are giving him or her the impression that math is common, and useful in our daily lives.

  • Let your child see you confidently doing math at home. Balance your checkbook, alter recipes, and make a grocery budget [1]

Introduce your child to famous mathematician. Introduce your child to a famous person who used math to change the world. Kids learn about famous authors and historical figures in school, but rarely do they learn about mathematicians.

  • Some important mathematicians in history include Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Alan Turing.Famous female mathematicians include Katherine Johnson, Marjorie Lee Browne, and Mary Cartwright.[2]
  • Numerous children’s books have been written about some of these figures, such as Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. Some of these books include On A Beam of Light by Jennifer Berne and Who Was Isaac Newton? by Janet Pascal.


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